Putu Ragi (Steamed Millet Cake)

December 2, 2011 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 16 Comments

If you have been following my blog, I have been trying out alternative whole grains to using wheat flour in my recipes. I absolutely love millet & quinoa and I have posted a few millet recipes and it’s benefits here. However whole grains like these are rather costly on a long-term basis as they are sold in organic health stores. As much as I support organic produce, I prefer if the general population is able to have access to whole grains as well.

When I found that finger millet or ragi is a common staple in South India, off I go to Indian grocery stores in search of Ragi flour. A packet of 500g Baba’s Ragi flour only cost RM2.50 (less than 1USD). Using Ragi flour, I’ve made Dhosa or Thosai and Putu.

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Millet Porridge

November 16, 2011 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 0 comments

It’s been a while since I had millets and I was missing their nutty flavour. Millet is commonly used as breakfast cereal / breakfast porridge in Himalayas and certain parts of China. Here I use millet to replace my Banana Oatmeal. Although oats have been widely publicized for their heart-protective properties, millet is a grain that should be included on your list of heart-healthy choices because it is highly nutritious and has a good source of minerals.

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Spicy Stuffed Capsicum

August 6, 2011 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 0 comments

I sort of created this recipe a few weeks ago.. It’s one of those nights where I was ‘recipe surfing’ on my Macbook, home alone and plain lazy to cook dinner.. Ya, ‘recipe surfing’ has become my hobby because I don’t own a single cookbook until last month.

Then the recipe Stuffed Pepper caught my eye. Hmm.. this seems easy, it’s a bit like Dolma and I have the ingredients. Over in Asia, pepper or bell pepper is known is capsicum. As usual I like to get creative & modify the recipe I found, so I changed a few things.. Continue Reading →

Baked Eggplant with Lemon Yogurt Dressing

July 27, 2011 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 2 Comments

Eggplant / Aubergine is one of my favourite vegetable.  No matter how it is cooked – deep fried, steam, baked, it will still retain it’s flavour. Usually the eggplant will soaked up a lot of oil, so I was excited to find this healthy alternative to cook the delicious eggplant.

This recipe called for cous cous, which I replaced with millet – my new favourite grain. I am not sure if it will work with rice, might try that next time.

The yoghurt dressing is actually with coriander. Sigh.. I know coriander is good of us, but I sadly have to say I totally dislike coriander because I can’t stand the smell. So I gladly omit out coriander from the dressing recipe, which turns out just as yummy. The lemon and garlic goes very well with the yoghurt and makes a very refreshing dressing that can goes with a lot of salad. Even my sis CM who does not like plain yoghurt gives the dressing thumbs up. Do try out my homemade yoghurt recipe. Continue Reading →

Millet Patties

July 24, 2011 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 3 Comments

While I was on the Candida diet, there’s many grains, gluten & dairy products have to be avoided. It was so difficult to find alternative for my  breakfast. Until I found my saviour – Millet, which I bought at the organic shop. Later I also found Mydin @ USJ sells unhulled millet, which I tried to hull with a food processor with not much success.. I read that a coffee grinder works best!

Unhulled Millet vs Hulled Millet

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