Gluten Free Persimmon Bread-Cake (Low Sugar)

February 24, 2016 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 6 Comments

Delightful and moist bejewelled Persimmon Bread-Cake. Hide it when you make it.

Gluten Free Persimmon Bread | JustAsDelish
Persimmon. Sharon fruit. Kaki fruit. 柿子. I love thee.

When I was growing up, imported fruits were rare and precious as finances in my family were tight. The one I looked most forward to was persimmon, fresh or dried ones from China. Mama had since stopped buying the dried ones as she felt they might have added with some weird stuff. Most people I know enjoy the persimmon while it is still firm. Not me. I would reach for the ones that nobody wants – the ripest and the juiciest squishy soft ones. When fully ripe, it is as sweet as honey with heady pungent deep sugary aroma. One gentle bite into the ripe squishy fruit will result in ultra sweet flowing juices. Absolutely divine..  Continue Reading →

Dinkelspitz / Spelt Bread

December 10, 2012 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 3 Comments

I recently found out that I do not really have gluten allergy, just mild wheat allergy. You can imagine how elated I am to know I can use other types of grains such as rye and spelt. The 1st thing I did was buy a packet of IREKS ‘Dinkelspitz’ at Pastry Pro in Kepong to try out spelt bread. Dinkelspitz is the ready mix for coarse-textured spelt bread with linseed, coarsely ground lupin seeds and spices – RM8.50 for a 500g packet. Continue Reading →