Shopping at the Market


Yesterday, I went for my weekly shopping at the pasar malam (Malaysian night market) and bought lots of fresh lovely produce. Even though it’s nicer and cooler to shop at the supermarket, I love going to the market. There’s something about buying fresh local produce at the morning market or pasar malam. I get to know the sellers, chit chat, sometimes even get tips & recipes 🙂 and bargaining is fun!

Here I am at Taman Sri Serdang pasar malam, the prices are unbelievable!

You can get 4 bell peppers/capsicum or only RM1 per bundle (longgok in malay).

RM20 is enough to buy enough vegetables for a family of 4 to last a whole week.

 Cili Padi!

I always buy fresh local seasonal produce. Most produce from other countries is picked before it is totally ripe to withstand the duress of being transported and distributed. And because they are picked green, many of them will never develop their full flavor. Not only you are supporting local farmers, it is also more likely to have better flavor and cost less. That’s a win-win situation all around!

Sometimes I go around to other neighbourhood markets – TTDI, Kepong, Selayang Pasar Borong (wholesale market). Check out your neighbourhood market, and you might be surprised!



  1. Shannon,
    Good sharing…
    Should have organise an event like MFF,but talk about market, home minister shopping heaven…a place where we meet familiar seller and buyers.

    I read a book frm famous in fact the top blogger in taiwan,bubu tsai,my idol.she is good in business,cooking,baking,child education,sewing,floral arrangement…she talk about market,bangkok market…very interesting n informative.

    • hmm.. event for the wet market, that would be interesting. Every place I travel, I will surely go to their market.. haha i like your description – home minister shopping heaven. ‘modern’ city people now prefer going to supermarket like jusco, jaya grocer. but still get better options at market if cooking asian food ..

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