Indonesian Avocado Shake (Jus Alpukat)


Cold and sweet. Rich and creamy. Slurped through a straw. My taste buds do double takes. How can this be avocado? Before I can figure out the answer, my glass is empty. Here at the famous Kafe Warisan in Bali with my galpals, I had my first unforgettable rich Avocado Shake served with chocolate syrup dripped on the side of the glass. The green landscape before me is of rice paddy fields, abundant bananas and falling coconuts. But avocados? Who invited them?

Throughout the entire trip, I was hunting Avocado Shakes at the beachside smoothie stands, cafes, over the rice paddies and across the sky-blue water. I stayed on another day while my galpals have left. With 2 hours to spare before heading to the airport, I took the rented scooter to hunt down my last rich, fatty and oily Avocado Shake. I left the beautiful island filled to the brim with the effects of yummy avocado shakes.

You have to give this a try. Seriously. At least once. And you might be transported to beautiful Bali.

Later I found that avocado is a common fruit in the Philippines, Indonesia & Vietnam. That got me wondering – these 3 neighbouring countries that has the same tropical climate and geographical features, why can’t avocado be planted in Malaysia? Imported avocado are rather expensive here – 1 avocado cost the same price as a dish like fried rice! Hmm shall I start a campaign for avocado plantations? Any supporters?

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Indonesian Avocado Shake (Jus Alpukat)
Prep time
Total time
Rich Avocado Shake served with chocolate syrup dripped on the side of the glass.
Recipe type: Beverage
Cuisine: Indonesian
Serves: 4
Avocado Shake
Chocolate Syrup (more than enough for 4 glasses)
Avocado Shake
  1. Cut the avocados in half, take out the seed and scoop the flesh into the blender.
  2. Blend all ingredients, except chocolate syrup until smooth. Add more condensed milk to taste.
  3. In the serving glasses, pour chocolate syrup on the side of the glass and let it drip down. Then pour in the avocado blend.

Chocolate Syrup
  1. In a small pot, bring water and sugar to a boil and stir in cocoa, vanilla and salt until all of the solids have dissolved. Simmer until slightly thickened. Strain and cool to room temperature.
  2. Pour into squeeze bottles. Squeeze into milk to make chocolate milk or serve on your favorite ice cream.




  1. Hi Shannon, found this thru pinterest. I love this one so much.
    shazzy recently posted..Chilly Chicken MasalaMy Profile

  2. Hi, in Indonesia we use avocado mostly to make sweet desert. Do you know that this avocado shake would taste as good with coffee? Change the chocolate syrup with thick sweetened coffee liquid (like Nescafe). It gives a certain “oomph” factor in it. Mocha syrup taste good too.

    We also use avocado to make ice cream, it’s very popular. But we change the milk with coconut milk to make the ice cream. It’s soooo delicious.

    • Hi Anites, thanks for sharing with me the different ways to enjoy avocado. The shake with coffee sounds delicious and I’ve been wanting to try making avocado ice cream. do you have the recipe? but I don’t have ice cream maker..

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  4. I always try to encourage my kids eat avocado.supplier teach me use this combination minus liquid to make bread spread. I put this spread into my green tea swiss roll. It taste good you know?

    I use this to make french toast…but I not happy because kids din eat much avocado. One ripe avocado can spread for 1 long swiss roll.
    with this recipe I can make them to consume more avocado!

    Shannon, try green tea swiss roll with avocado spread,nice!
    I don’t blog I don’t know how to share.
    My avocado spread is agak agak recipe…

    • i love avocado spread too, but haven’t tried in a long time bcos I can’t take bread. green tea swiss roll with avocado spread, what an interesting combo of flavours. will try it with flourless swiss roll.
      make avocado chocolate mousse for your children, they won’t know there’s avocado in it! yummy! i haven’t posted the recipe, didn’t take any photos

  5. Hi 🙂

    It’s cool to find another country where people use avocado for shakes :). In Brazil that’s mostly how we use avocados. The homemade one doesn’t usually have the chocolate syrup, but besides the avocado, milk and sugar, we add cinnamon and peanut butter, or we make a real thick one with lemon drops and eat with a spoon as a desert.

    • Hi Carol. It’s great to know Brazilians love avocado shakes too! Oh can’t wait try the brazilian recipes soon, sounds so yummy! The avocado with lemon drops reminds me of chocolate avocado mousse 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. There are avocados grown in Bukit Tinggi. Yummy yummy shake. My Indonesian friend taught me to make it with Milo yummy

  7. Shannon , that avocado shake looks gorgeously refreshing ! Love the color as well 😀 But I’m one of those who doesn’t like avocado 😛 😀 Don’t know why tsk tsk
    anne recently posted..Mini Chicken PieMy Profile

  8. I never thought of an avocado shake, but I will try out your recipe. Now I am craving for this amazing avocado shake, ur recipe looks just awesome, Very smooth n not really sweet. I have few avocados still left, I would surely try to make it today!

  9. i am soo intrigued by this! chocolate plus avocado? yes please!

  10. Hi Shannon,
    It looks so creamy and delicious! Thanks for being a part of the YBR.
    Nancy/SpicieFoodie recently posted..Your Best Recipes of July 2012, YBR RoundupMy Profile

  11. Haha! I will support you on that campaign. I love avocado. My mom and I always make avocado shake whenever we buy some. But I don’t put chocolate syrup. I haven’t tried that before. 🙂

  12. Maybe there is something with the land that makes it not ideal for planting Avocados.

  13. This must be DELECTABLE!
    Angie@Angie’s Recipes recently posted..Banana Rolled Spelt Cookies with Fresh Stevia LeavesMy Profile

  14. Will have to try this. Avocado is an all time favorite of mine. 😀

  15. Wow this looks delicious!
    Sandra recently posted..DailyBuzz Food and White Chocolate Pound CakeMy Profile

  16. Ooooh … wasn’t I just telling you about the indonesian avocados this afternoon? I gotta try this one. Probably with gula melaka. I detest condensed milk. (Just a weird personal taste … probably had too much of it as a kid, sucking it out of the cone packet) 😀

    • yes I’m so intrigued with the huge indonesian avocados, must get someone to bring some back. I have tried the shake with red beans at vietnamese restaurant, but not gula melaka. You can sweeten with gula melaka syrup and drip gula melaka syrup into the glass before pouring in the shake. oh yum!

  17. This is SO interesting. Looks sooo amazing!
    RavieNomNoms recently posted..I have Faith. We Are.My Profile

  18. I know I already told you on Google+ how delicious this looks, but I’m so happy to be dropping by to drool again. I’m also featuring this post in today’s Food Fetish Friday (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and thanks for creating such amazing food…
    Javelin Warrior recently posted..Just Say LoveMy Profile

  19. Thanks! Will try and let you know for sure! Oh, you MUST MUST MUST try making a thicker version of the avocado mixture (less milk I guess), pour a little into a bowl and serve with a scoop of coconut ice cream. Amazing! The tastes go so well together. I had it in Singapore when we went home for a visit but can’t get coconut ice cream in Montreal where we now live. 🙁
    Angie recently posted..Recipes Anyone?My Profile

    • oh how interesting.. avocado shake with coconut ice cream. I saw some avocado shake recipes that uses coconut milk instead of milk, maybe you can try. I found some easy coconut ice cream recipes that doesn’t require ice cream maker, gonna try to make them with the shake 🙂

  20. One of the most nutritious and flavor packed fruits of all time. I love avocado. I normally want it to be a part of my salads, and dressings. But now that summer has been making its presence felt (really!) a cool shake is always welcome. I am thinking of using cream instead of the condensed milk, my doctor told me to cut down on sweets, my lab results are not really within the diabetic range, but she still wants me to be careful since the disease runs in the family. The choco syrup makes this shake unique.
    Myfudo here…Normally we’d never put a shameless plug back to us, but we just launched our new site and we would love for you to be a part of it. I’d love to share our newest launch with you, I hope you don’t mind? Now that we are getting a new look…Myfudo is moving to a new domain This has been a project we have been working on for almost a year now. We just launched our new gallery submission site, and we are just thrilled. We’d be proud to have your work as part of our growing collection to continue to have a larger reach and further inspire all fellow food lovers out there! Please sign up and check us out (it’s free)
    We look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures, as always.
    p.s. We are hosting a Kitchen Aid Mixer Giveaway to celebrate our new Yumgoggle site, we hope you’ll participate =)
    yumgoggle recently posted..stew & soup recipes: thai green curry & a kitchen aid mixer giveawayMy Profile

    • As avocado is already creamy, adding cream to the shake will make it even richer. you can use alternative sweetener, it’s definitely better for everyone to cut down on sweets.
      Congrats on myfudo’s new journey. Will definitely support Yumgoggle and the new site looks fabulous! This is is really hectic for me, will submit my photos next week. Hopefully the giveaway is for worldwide delivery 😀

  21. I’m a recent “follower” and want to thank you for all your amazing recipes! I stumbled upon your blog looking for a condensed milk recipe … which I made … which wow-ed everyone on Facebook. Ha ha. My husband is a huge avocado shake connoisseur but likes the Gula melaka version. Any tips on how to do that with your recipe? Substitute Gula melaka for the chocolate sauce? I love your presentation. Mason jars are my fave!

    • Thank you Angie! I’m humbled by your compliments and hearing from readers like you just makes my day and keeps me blogging. until today, i’m still amazed how a simple condensed milk recipe can wow many people 😀
      I haven’t tried avocado shake with gula melaka before, have tried with red beans at vietnamese restaurant. from this recipe, the condensed milk slightly sweetened the shake and the chocolate syrup completes the sweetness for the shake. maybe you can try to substitute the condensed milk with gula melaka syrup to blend the shake (you have to guesstimate how much syrup is needed for your taste), and drip gula melaka syrup into the glass before pouring in the shake. Do update me after you have tried it, I would love to try with gula melaka too!

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