Gluten Free Banana Bread with Dark Chocolate Chunks & Walnut


I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love Banana Bread. Or anyone who doesn’t love baked goods.

When my naturalpath prescribed me to follow my blood type diet, the hardest for me to accept is to let go WHEAT. Even though wheat based products are not in Asian’s primary diet, I’ve grown to love bread and occasional cakes. Noodles, pasta & pizzas – I don’t really miss them. But bread.. sigh.. there’s something comforting about baked goods, especially fresh out from the oven.

Over the year, there are slight challenges with my new diet, but I mostly enjoy trying out new recipes & ingredients that never came into my diet before. Then I would crave for baked goods occasionally.

I noticed that when I get my cravings fulfilled, I’m very satisfied emotionally, and it’s not to satisfy real hunger. When I look deeper into why I need comfort, it is usually associated with a certain memory. Once I understood the reasons, the cravings reduced. Interesting huh?

Gluten Free Banana Bread with Dark Chocolate Chunks & Walnut

When I saw this easy Gluten Free Banana Bread with Dark Chocolate Chunks & Walnut from ChowDivine, I just have to experiment with the recipe. Who could resist it when the whole house smells like banana heaven?

Doesn’t it look moist & delicious? The dark chocolate chunks just make it irresistible. This GF Banana Bread tastes so good that I don’t even miss the real thing. Just like ChowDivine said, I had to wrap up half the loaf to stop myself from finishing it in a day.

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Banana Bread with Dark Chocolate Chunks & Walnut
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Easy & moist Gluten Free Banana Bread with Dark Chocolate Chunks and Walnuts
Recipe type: Breakfast / Snack
Serves: a Loaf
  • 2 cups Gluten Free Flour* (I used Chow Divine's blend of brown rice flour (1¼ cup), glutinous rice flour (1/2 cup), and tapioca flour (1/4 cup).
  • 2 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Soda
  • ¼ teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon Salt
  • ¼ cup Sugar
  • ¼ cup Agave Nectar (I use honey)
  • 2 large Eggs - lightly beaten
  • ⅓ cup Canola Oil
  • ⅓ cup Applesauce (I did not use)
  • 3 very ripe Bananas (I use 4 bananas)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ – ⅔ cup Walnuts - toasted and chopped
  • ½ cup Dark Chocolate (>70%) - chips or roughly chopped
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare a loaf pan with parchment paper (I used a 8½″ x 6″ baking tray).
  2. In a large bowl, sift or whisk together the dry ingredients, EXCEPT for the sugar: flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.
  3. In another large bowl, add ripe bananas and mash well with a fork. Add sugar to the mashed bananas and mash the sugar into the bananas.
  4. Add rest of the wet ingredients: agave nectar, eggs, canola oil, applesauce, and vanilla extract. Mix well.
  5. Stir in the dry ingredients in 2 batches. Once the dry ingredients are incorporated, add the toasted nuts and dark chocolate chunks. Mix gently.
  6. Pour the batter into a loaf pan. Fill only up to ½ of the pan.** Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for about 15 minutes in the pan. After 15 minutes, cool on a cooling rack. When cooled, but still slightly warm, wrap tightly in cling wrap. It’s best if eaten a day after.



  1. Really, really good. My son has been asking me to bake more since the first loaf ran out in the first week. 😉 So I’ve had to speedily force-ripen some bananas.

  2. Been on a low carb regime since March. Have been experimenting/substituting with almond, flaxseed and coconut flour. Coconut flour waffles were soooooo dry. Wonder if it will make this bread super dry as well? Might have to bite the bullet and try it out.
    Looks wonderful!

    • I’ve yet to try baking with coconut flour, you have to update me after you’ve tried it on this recipe. Maybe coconut flour sucks moisture, you might need more banana or egg

  3. Thank you for this recipe. It is just what I have been looking for as I have just begun to use ‘gluten free’. As for flour; have you tried making your own? I just put the grain I want to use in the blender and ‘Walla! I have flour. So far I have used basmati rice, oats, barley and quinoa. The taste has been excellent, but need to work on the ‘lighter’ aspect. Since whole grain products are more dense, I added double baking powder. The results were surprisingly good. God Bless your efforts and send us more of your results. By the way, I am 84 and still exploring the wonderful world of ‘cooking’.
    B. Campbell

    • Wow Betty, I’m very impressed with your enthuthiasm, I hope I have that kind of energy when I reach your age. Your blender must be a high speed blender to be able to grind grains. Mine won’t work. Maybe I’ll try it with spice grinder. Thanks for the tips and keep cooking!

  4. I’ve been seeing so many banana bread recipe — I once made it with chocolate chunks too. Looks so delish Shannon 🙂
    Kiran @ recently posted..Pistachio PastaMy Profile

  5. You had me at Dark Chocolate Chunks!!! This looks delicious! I’m usually pretty good about having “just a slice”, but I can imagine having to wrap this up and put it away before I devour it, just like you did!

  6. Hi Shannon, your banana bread, I noticed, has a different shape…made in a rectangular pan instead of a loaf pan. Not that it makes any difference in the taste which I see is perfectly moist and delicious with the walnuts and dark chocolate pieces. The sugar content is low, but adding honey or agave balances out the sweetness. I can understand how you have to have more gluten-free foods, and especially desserts, (my daughter’s friend has same issue) but she enjoys regular foods every now-and-then!
    elisabeth@foodandthrift recently posted..My ‘Award’ Winning Pizza for #Twelve Loaves SeptemberMy Profile

    • Yes, I used a rectangular baking tray because I don’t have a loaf pan, I’ve never baked bread and don’t want to stack up more stuff/gadgets in my tiny kitchen. I still occasionally have a little of the real cakes/ wheat based desserts, but just dont want to risk it.

  7. I love this banana bread! I always put walnuts in mine but I’ve never tried it with applesauce or chocolate. YUM! I’ve never worked with gluten-free flour but it obviously doesn’t effect the quality of the bread. Looks delicious!
    mjskit recently posted..Grilled Meat and Late Summer Vegetable Salad by NadalynMy Profile

    • Thanks MJ! wish I can get hold of applesauce, maybe I’ll make some myself to try the original version of the recipe. This is an amazing gluten free recipe, as it taste pretty much like other banana bread to me 🙂

  8. Can’t imagine my life without bread ;-( No wheat at all? But spelt, rye are okay?
    I love this rice banana bread..unusual, but delish!
    Angie@Angie’s Recipes recently posted..Pumpkin Spelt Muffins with Peanuts and GingerMy Profile

    • I also had the same thought, I thought I can’t live without bread too.. I still take wheat like once a month – I’d rather give up my quota for cakes, mee goreng than bread.. LOL! Spelt & Rye has lower gluten content, I haven’t tried baking with them yet. have to go hunt down these flours.

  9. I am sure this is great but like suituapui, I would prefer a cake version. But then again, I haven’t tried this yet and should not make so fast a conclusion 🙂

  10. This looks very delicious! I have never made anything gluten free before, and if I were to start, this would be the kind of recipe I would use… should really try this out sometime. Is GF flour only available at health food shops?

    • Thank you Mich! I’ve only seen GF flour mix sold at organic shops and organic aisle in supermarket in KL. I’ve seen GF muffin-premix in baking supplies shop, but not for bread. Most GF recipes require Xantham gum or guargum as binder, because GF flours don’t have gluten that helps to bind. I haven’t found these gums in KL (also prefer not to use them), I try to find recipes that uses egg or dairy as binder. I have also posted other GF recipes here.

  11. So glad you made this! And thanks for the mention. This looks so delicious. I just had a very late lunch (early dinner??) & this would be perfect w/ some cappuccino as a dessert!

    You’re right! It never occurred to me before you mentioned it, but I guess this (as well as zucchini and pumpkin bread) is called a bread because of its shape, no? They all taste more like cake/dessert than bread. 🙂
    Gomo | cHow Divine recently posted..Bulgogi and Spicy Slaw SandwichMy Profile

    • Yes I’m so glad I made this yummy banana bread! After that, I also made Cempedak (a south east asian fruit that’s creamy & fragrant) bread. The whole house smelt absolutely divine 😀 i think other creamy & fragrant fruits like mango & durian also can be used. Yeah maybe it’s the loaf shape and texture is more dense than cake. I’ve never tasted zucchini or pumpkin bread, will try it next time with this recipe.

  12. I love that you added walnuts, dark chocolate, and apple sauce! Your banana bread looks perfect Shannon!
    Nami | Just One Cookbook recently posted..Daikon Salad | Radish Salad with Japanese Plum DressingMy Profile

  13. I’m a cake person, not so much into bread but this sure looks good. Wish I could try…

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