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Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries. Traditional healers have used this plant primarily to settle upset stomachs and brewing ginger tea especially recommended by Chinese herbalist.

When I had mild upset stomach a few days ago, I automatically made a pot of ginger tea. A cup of strong hot ginger tea helps sooth my bloated stomach and nausea. I was feeling much better after 2 cups of ginger tea, soothing stomach and helps with my digestion.

Some of ginger tea benefits are:
• Relieves nausea
• Reduces dizziness
• Helps digestive processes
• Minimizes symptoms of the common cold, allergies and other respiratory conditions

Ginger tea is very easy to prepare. Why buy teabags when you can easily make homemade ginger tea with just fresh ginger and brown sugar? Besides the health benefits, I like to treat myself to a cup of hot piping ginger tea to relax and enjoy on colder days.

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Ginger Tea
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Ginger tea is recommended as a natural remedy for upset stomach, aids digestion, reduce nausea, and common cold. It's also a soothing tea for cold days
Recipe type: Beverage, Home Remedy
Serves: 2
  • Water – 4 cups
  • 3-inch piece of fresh ginger root
  • 1 tablespoon Brown sugar, or to taste
  1. Wash ginger and use the big knife/cleaver knife to smack the ginger.
  2. Boil ginger in water on low heat for at least 15 minutes. I prefer stronger and tangier tea for my upset stomach, so I use more ginger and boil for more than 30 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and add brown sugar to taste.
  4. Strain tea and best served hot. On the days when I’m really sick and just want to stay in bed, I will keep the tea in the thermos and have warm tea throughout the day.

* The secret to making a really flavourful ginger tea is to use plenty of ginger – more than you think you will need. * You can also add a bit of lime juice and honey to your ginger tea for more taste. * If using as a home remedy cold, preferably to omit any sweeteners.
Ahh.. I just made another pot for yesterday’s cold rainy weather.


  1. Is this tea supposed to get dark or am I doing something wrong. Never used it before. Took a bite. Sure tastes hot.

    • Brown sugar surely will turn the water dark brown. If you’re not used to ginger, the ginger tea will taste hot first few time. To make it less hot, shorten boiling time to 15minutes instead of 30 minutes. or use less ginger.

  2. Hello n good morning,
    I grow my own bentong ginger n love to brew ginger tea regularly but how can I preserve them when I am traveling.

  3. I also like ginger tea, especially for its health benefits. It improves immune system and encourages normal blood circulation.

  4. I’ve got a little girl home from school today with “the big spit”…thanks for this recipe, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will help her upset tummy!

    • Oh dear.. hope this recipe helps your girl. I know how uncomfortable it is, I had serious indigestion for a week, and it’s the worst feeling. Ginger tea was too mild for my condition and found a better concoction of cumin coriander ginger

  5. Best to remove flatulence and toxins but it will just greatly modifies sweat which they say a good sign of toxins elimination. Effectively do it every day then you’ll find relief and even your worst nightmare like constipation and incontinence.

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  7. I love ginger tea and also find it very soothing especially when it is cold outside…plus the aroma is amazing 🙂

  8. It’s more than just delish……..

  9. Hi Shannon, I’m very grateful you like those photos. btw I really don’t know what exactly apam in english term. i’ll find it out.

    Rice floor suppose to be more sticky and firm than wheat.

    Have a nice day

  10. My tea is ever brewed without black pepper and cardamom also. Thanks for coming to my blog, glad to find this beautiful space.

  11. I’m currently waiting for the kettle to boil with my piece of ginger at the ready. I may not have a stomach ache or nausea but why not drink hot ginger tea anyway? Thanks for reminding me of the magic of ginger!

  12. I think this tea could have been a tremendous help when I was having morning sickness (with both kids!). I used to carry ginger candies around (i think it’s Chinese brand?). That helped me reduce bathroom visits. I should give this a try – even without feeling sick, it’s great remedy for keeping health!

  13. Shannon, I hope you’re feeling better. I’m glad to hear that this ginger tea is helping you. I love using ginger in my recipes too, especially in the winter time to help warm me up. I wish you a smooth recovery!

  14. Hello,

    I love that you are posting about the health benefits of herbal teas. I agree that ginger tea is good for the ailments you described. I’d like to add that ginger tea is good, specifically, for heartburn (which I’m experiencing right now, and I don’t have my ginger with me at work). You mentioned that it aids digestion, and heartburn includes digestion.

    Nice post, and thanks!

  15. What a great idea! I too know of ginger’s properties and have stuck slices of it into steeping teapots but would not think to make a tea exclusively with ginger. So glad to have read your post. Will definitely be doing this!

  16. I never made tea from fresh ginger, and I will have to try this really soon! I knew it was good, but for some reason always making from tea bags. Thanks for all the info

  17. Glad you’re feeling better. I’m saving this one. We always have ginger and brown sugar on hand. I think home solutions are so much better than any medicine you would buy in the store!

  18. Love your first picture! I love ginger tea. Its the perfect cure for my cold.

  19. I’ve brewed ginger tea that I bought at the healthfood store, but never from scratch. This looks so good and easy! I do keep a bottle of homemade ginger simple syrup in the fridge. Almost every night I add a Tbsp. to some mineral water and have it with supper. It certainly does help a lot with digestion. Very nice post!

    • How do you make ginger syrup? Never heard of it before, think would be nice to use ginger syrup as sweetener

      • Probably just a ginger ‘simple syrup’: take equal amounts of water and sugar and boil allowing the sugar to fully dissolve. Add fresh herbs/spices. For ginger, you will most likely want to add the fresh ginger while boiling the sugar in order for it to release it’s properties. Let cool and keep in refrigerator.

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