Buckwheat Wrap (Gluten Free Wrap)


After making a couple different types of pancake (Strawberry Crepes, Gluten free Crepes and the last one Durian Pancake), I was  intrigued with the tender and pliable texture of the durian pancake that makes it easy to wrap or fold. I thought it is be a great recipe to tweak for a gluten free wrap. 

Wrap sandwiches become popular not long ago. These sandwiches are variations of traditional sandwiches; using any type of flat bread, filled with a hot or cold sandwich filling and rolled up. These gluten free buckwheat wraps are easy to make with just a few basic ingredients and make a healthy wrap to stuff with fresh salad and lean protein.

What’s great about this wrap: Buckwheat is actually a seed, not a grain. It has an earthy flavor and is gluten free, high in protein and essential minerals. The buckwheat wrap is thin, perfect as a light lunch (especially for low carb eaters). Or to enjoy as crepes and topped with fruits/jam and a little honey. For those people who are on normal diet, you can use wheat flour in place of the buckwheat flour and starch combined.

You can fill this wrap with your favourite sandwich variations. I just threw in what’s available in my fridge – some leftover roast chicken, cucumber, capsicum, lettuce and spicy miso paste. And you’ve got to try the spicy miso paste, it adds a burst of flavours to your sandwich or salad – combine miso paste, olive oil and pinch of cayenne pepper.

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Buckwheat Wrap
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Gluten Free Buckwheat Wrap for healthy wrap sandwiches, with hot or cold sandwich filling.
Recipe type: Light Bite
Serves: 10 Wraps
  • 100g Buckwheat Flour
  • 25g Starch (Tapioca Flour / Glutinous Rice Flour)
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 150g Eggs (about 3 large Eggs)
  • 250ml Milk or Water
  • 1 teaspoon Olive Oil
  1. Mix flour, salt and eggs into a large mixing bowl.
 Add in milk in 3 parts, combining all ingredients together.
 Lastly, add in olive oil.
  2. Heat up 20cm non-stick pan on very low fire. Scoop 40g batter into the pan, swirl it to ensure that the pancake is smooth, thin and even.
 Pan fry the wrap one minute on both sides.
 Remove wrap from pan and lay it out flat on big plate / chopping board to let it cool down. Continue with the rest of batter to make a total of 10 wraps.
  3. To assemble, place filling on wrap and
 fold like a spring roll.
  4. These wraps are best eaten on the same day. They can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 day, reheat them on the pan when needed.
For normal recipe, you can use 125g of wheat flour in place of buckwheat flour and starch.



  1. I would really like to try to make these, they sound great, I just don’t know how to convert the measurements for us cooking. Could you give me the best way to work at this?

    • Hi Lynn, google for cooking measurement charts to convert the metric measurement to US measurements. After a few years of trying a lot of gluten free baking & cooking recipes, the results always turn out better with the flour measurements in weight. Using cups is not very accurate.

  2. Hi, could these wrappers be used in place of popiah skin? Does it have a similar chewy texture? Thanks so much for your recipe.

  3. I love buckwheatpancakes but have never made them with starch or used them as wraps. Must try this! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Love these. I was going to ask you for the recipe when you posted the pic on Google+ a while back. I’m definitely trying these. Thanks Shannon!

    Good luck on the competition! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
    Gomo | cHowDivine recently posted..Pasta with Garlic OilMy Profile

    • Thanks Gomo! hope you like the wrap, i wonder what you will fill them with.. bulgogi? 😀
      after 2 weeks of practice, i’m so proud of how much i’ve learnt and improved myself in pastry baking, proud to say i’m quite an “expert” in quiche after baking 8 times.. lol. the whole experience is more valuable than winning the prize. i think i’ve caught the competition bug, can’t wait for the next one.. lol

  5. I never knew that buckwheat was a seed! And I can’t wait to try this! I love that you can fill this up with almost anything!
    Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious recently posted..Recipe from the archives: Pumpkin Donut HolesMy Profile

  6. I have tried pancakes and a indian dish but I did not like it. Indians use buckwheat flour during their fasting days when wheat or any grain is not allowed. I will certainly try wraps.
    Balvinder recently posted..Orange Cheese CakeMy Profile

    • oh i haven’t seen buckwheat flour in indian shops, only ragi. but ragi and millet flour taste different, i wonder if they are the same. thanks for sharing. I will check out next time

  7. it looks really great! and healthy! I think I’m going to try to make this instead of getting tortillas.. would wholemeal flour do the job instead of buckwheat?
    Swee San @ The Sweet Spot recently posted..Rosewater Meringue KissesMy Profile

  8. Given a choice between these crepes and a flour tortilla I’d choose this one!
    Maureen | Orgasmic Chef recently posted..Molten Chocolate FondantsMy Profile

  9. There is a restaurant near me that makes gluten-free buckwheat crepes. They are delicious, but I’ve never tried making them. Will have to try now-these look delicious and love your wrap fillings too!

  10. hey shannon, that’s a great idea to use buckwheat, which has so many nutritional benefits, in a wrap recipe! I am always looking for protein rich foods, since my husband is into body shaping and he has a fast running Metabolism, which makes it difficult for him to keep a steady weight. Thanks for sharing such a well thought out recipe with us!

    • Even though buckwheat is high in protein contents, I don’t think this thin wrap is filling for his tummy because he takes up body building 🙂 you can also throw in hulled buckwheat into salads, oatmeal, bakes or even when cooking rice.. it has a nice crunch.

  11. Shannon, yummeh!!! Love these wraps! Can make really wonderful sandwiches with them. I’m already spinning some ideas with the filling and will try the spicy miso 🙂
    Phong Hong recently posted..Kay Pachok (Skewered Chicken)My Profile

  12. Love these wraps! So much healthier than flour tortillas! I’ve never worked with buckwheat so thanks for introducing this new recipe for me.
    mjskit recently posted..Andouille and Black Bean SoupMy Profile

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