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When I saw this ingenious idea on Mommiecooks, I just have to make these cute Breakfast Granola Cups. If those who have been following my blog, they will know how crazy I am about granola. There’s a ton of other recipes that I have tested that could be used for a ‘CrazyForGranola’ blog. It’s quite common to see me having yogurt granola parfait for breakfast or munching on a granola bar on the go.

Instead of making granola bars, Mommiecooks bake the granola in muffin tray. Voila! You have Granola Cups to top with yogurt and your favourite fruits for breakfast!

I was trying to be creative and tried using my favourite No Bake Chewy Granola Bar recipe to make into cups. When I took them out from the freezer (to make them harden faster), the cups start to fall apart within 20 minutes (must be due to the 35C weather). I did not even have a chance to take any photos.  But it does not matter, because those chewy muesli bars were gone in 2 days!

My 2nd attempt had me using a baking recipe – another one of my favourite: Nigella’s Breakfast Bars with Homemade Condensed Milk. I pressed the granola into different sizes using the muffin trays and ceramic bowls, and bake them. These Breakfast Granola Cups turn out beautifully, they taste just like a bowl of milk and cereal by itself! For the Nigella Breakfast Bars recipe, click here. If you are crazy about condensed milk like I do, check out my post on how easy it is to make your own here.

You can also concoct your own granola bar/cup recipe. It’s super easy, just follow the Basic Granola Bar Formula on my post here.

Who says breakfast is boring?


  1. I just made a huge batch of granola last week. When it runs out I’m going to try this , it’s a wonderful idea.
    Sandra recently posted..Green and Gold for TablesMy Profile

  2. These look good enough to be eaten on its own! That’s a good idea to turn it into bowl shapes to hold whatever it is as an accompaniment. I used to do that with my cookie dough and have totally forgotten about them until this! Thanks for the reminder!

    • i end up eating the big granola cups on it’s own.. haha and i can’t stop eating them. the recipe i used is very addictive! I haven’t tried making bowl shapes with other recipes, going to try them soon.

  3. Wow! Looks great & what an awesome idea! A lovely breakfast to start the day! YUM! 🙂
    i-lostinausten recently posted..Passion Fruit Cream Cupcake – Cupcake à la crème passionMy Profile

  4. omg these ARE ingenious! and so cute!

  5. This is the 1st healthy breakfast I have seen that actually looks nice, and when I wake up in a foul mood I need what I am about to eat to look nice!
    Leanne recently posted..Young Driver InsuranceMy Profile

  6. Shannon, these are adorable and open up a world of possibilities. The way you´ve presented them is quite elegant and appealing. Now I´m thinking of all the variations that are possible..!

  7. Very clever idea! A dollop of yogurt in the center and you are good to go. Love it!

  8. Great idea! This looks good.

  9. What a groovy idea! They’re a bit like the brownie bowls aren’t they? Lovely photos. Thanks for taking part in Forever Nigella!
    Sarah, Maison Cupcake recently posted..Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!My Profile

  10. Breakfast Granola Cups are indeed a brilliant idea! They look cute and taste great.

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