Black Sesame Snack


Have you ever had these Sesame Snack – sticky, gooey, crunchy, sesame snack? This is a common Asian snack that many people love. The ones sold in Malaysia are usually added with whole or ground peanuts. I always thought that this snack is complicated to make with the gooey stick ingredient until I saw Sesame Seed Snap recipe on Oh boy was I wrong, who knew it only takes 10 minutes of active time! And I was surprised to find out these snacks are also popular in other parts of the world. Seems the global food nation have more things in common that I thought.

I tried a batch with black sesame and ground peanuts using Delishhh’s recipe method because it uses honey instead of just sugar in other recipes I found. I did not have a candy thermometer so I made a rough estimation – cooked for about 7-8 minutes until the mixture becomes thicker.  They definitely tasted very similar to the store-bought ones, except mine tasted  sweeter and  harder like candy, maybe the mixture was overheated. And I would further reduce the amount of honey and sugar. My sis CM requested me to make more for Chinese New Year. Yay I have passed her stringent food quality control..

Besides sesame seeds being an excellent source of minerals and dietary fiber, the Chinese believes Black Sesame helps to keep our hair dark and shiny. Black colour food is actually very rich in antioxidants as well as green. According to the Chinese history, the Emperors of China began eating black rice as far back as 3000 years ago although it was forbidden then. So more black colour food for me!

This being a common snack in Malaysia, this recipe is to be submitted to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.  

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Black Sesame Snack
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Black Sesame Snack - Chewy sticky gooey sweet treat, all time favourite
Serves: 24 pieces
  • 1 cup Black Sesame Seeds
  • ½ cup Ground Peanuts
  • ¼ cup Brown Sugar
  • ¾ cup Honey
  1. Combine ingredients in a large pot and bring to boil. Reduce to low heat and stir occasionally until mixture reaches 160C on candy thermometer. (I do not have a candy thermometer, so I stir until the mixture thickens (about 6-7 minutes)
  2. Line a square baking tray with aluminium foil and slightly grease the foil.
  3. Pour mixture onto the foil and smooth top gently. Do not press hard or it will be difficult to remove later.
  4. Allow to cool slightly, and cut into squares using a sharp knife. Do this while it is still fairly soft, it will harden as it cools. Once it is completely cool, remove the foil.
  5. Keep these chewy snacks in an airtight container.

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  1. The snacks look fabulous, no wonder your Sis asked for more.
    shaz recently posted..Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Round Up 19My Profile

  2. Love this! And I’ve been inspired to feature your post in my Friday Food Fetish roundup and on Pinterest. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next and please let me know if you have any objections…
    JavelinWarrior recently posted..Food Fetish FridayMy Profile

  3. This will be PERFECT for Chinese New Years next week!
    Kathy recently posted..Monday, January 16, 2012My Profile

  4. I am attracted by this and of course the health benefit from the black sesame seeds and oh so easy to make. Must put on my to-fry list. Thanks!
    Little Corner of Mine recently posted..LCOM’s Hei Jian (虾煎) Shrimps OmeletteMy Profile

    • I try to take more black sesame after my sis commented on how many white hair I have! haha. yes it’s super easy, definitely must try at least once. let me know how it turn out

  5. This does look like ooey-gooey-goodness!

  6. I have just discovered your site via Facebook, and although I have commented on FB already I have to do it again here: this sesame snack looks irresistably tasty, black sesame makes them so special (I use always the “plain” one). This recipe is on my Must-Try-List now 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    tanja@tanjascookingcorner recently posted..White Chocolate Poppyseed Crescents~ Mohnkipferl mit weißer Schokolade~ Mak roščići s bijelom čokoladomMy Profile

    • Thank you for visiting! Yes this snack is very tasty and it is usually with black sesame in South East Asia. I find cooking with black sesame gives a more prominent flavour compared to the white sesame. Have a wonderful weekend too!

  7. Wow that is a gorgeous photo
    Francoise Villeneuve recently posted..Day 8: Chocolate, Cherry and Hazelnut BiscottiMy Profile

  8. Simple and delicious; my kind of snack! You did a great job with these. Yum!
    Julie M. recently posted..Chicken Marsala Pasta and a Virtual PotluckMy Profile

  9. Love what you did here and used black sesame seeds – very nice. I love these things and used to eat them as a kid all the time as a snack. I have to try the black version one day.
    Delishhh recently posted..Persimmon BreadMy Profile

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