Big Breakfast Oats


Big Breakfast Oats

This is my typical daily Big Breakfast Oats, except it looks like a pile of mess on most days (like my Banana Oatmeal recipe). This is my evolved breakfast oatmeal. I used to burnt my oatmeal.. quite often.. sigh.. I’ve received enough stern looks. I’m really bad at multitasking – cooking rolled oats on stove while brushing my teeth or picking my clothes. Without knowing it, something smelt burnt. My poor pot has seen better days.

Later I learnt that rolled oats are already cooked. Rolled oats are oat groats that have been de-husked, steamed and then rolled into flat flakes before being stabilized by being lightly toasted. I can just soak them in warm almond milk (due to my dairy intolerance). Yay! No more burnt pots 🙂 Even sis and mama switched to this soaking method.

Somedays, I’m just plain lazy to make nut milk. Hence my lazy way of just soaking with hot water for about 15mins became my current default method. Actually the soaked water sort of turned into oatmilk. Oatmilk is made by blending rolled oats with water and sieving out the oats and leaving oatmilk behind. Wouldn’t oat water be bland with the oatmeal? Nutmilk and oatmilk are pretty bland for my taste and needs flavouring with some sweetener like dates or honey. It’s definitely not bland when I flavour my oats with natural sweeteners (fruits, nut butter, cacao nibs) and sprinkles of crunchy superfood goodness to start my day.

What’s the difference with my big breakfast oats and overnight oats? Many people say overnight oats is easy – just soak the oats in any liquid (milk/yogurt) with fruits in the fridge and you have ready breakfast the next morning. It’s almost the same like my hot soaking method. Sometimes cooking oats or soaking them too long makes it mushy and soggy. Just not my kind of food. I’m not a cold breakfast person, I prefer hot breakfast to warm up my body. Even though I live in a tropical country, I have a yin body (cold body according to traditional chinese medicine) my body is rather cool in the morning.

Big Breakfast Oats (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)My morning routine:
Wake up. Fill kettle with water to boil. Water my plants while waiting for water to boil. Take my probiotics with a big glass of warm water. Scoop rolled oats into a bowl and add hot water until it’s about 2 inches above the oats. Cover the bowl with something like a pot cover to keep the heat in (I don’t do that because I live in a hot tropical country all year round). Take my shower and get ready (about 15 mins). The oats will be soft and not too soggy (the way I like it). Soak longer if you prefer softer texture.
Topping suggestions:
Seasonal fresh fruits and/or dried fruits
Jam/Preserves (I love passionfruit jam for some sourness)
Nut Butter (I love my homemade walnut butter and almond butter)
Cacao Nibs
Nuts & Seeds (I love mine raw and sprouted)
variety of Superfood (hemp seed, chia seed, gojiberry, grind flaxseed, maca powder)

– Another method is bring water/milk to boil in a small pot. Switch of heat and add oats to soak for 15mins.
– Somedays I just soak rolled oats with room temperature water.
— Soak rolled oats in a jar with toppings and bring to work.
– Use gluten free oats if you are gluten intolerant.

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Big Breakfast Oats
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Big Breakfast Oats - naturally flavoured with fruits, nut butter, cacao nibs and sprinkles of crunchy superfood goodness to start my day
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 1
  • 6 tablespoon Rolled Oats
  • 1 cup Hot Water or Hot Milk of choice
Topping suggestions:
  1. Scoop 6 tablespoon of rolled oats into a bowl and add hot water / milk (it should be about 1 inch above the oats). Cover the bowl with a pot cover to keep the heat in for 10-15 mins. The oats will be soft and not too soggy (the way I like it). Soak longer if you prefer softer texture.
  2. Add preferred toppings and nom nom nom.
Another method is bring water/milk to boil in a small pot. Switch of heat and add oats to soak for 15mins.




  1. Look at all the beautiful goodness in a bowl! Wow! I don’t think I ever thought you could put so many great thinks into a bowl of oats! We normally take raw steel cut oats, handful of raw almonds and a scoop of frozen blueberries into a container (I like raw coconut in mine, too). Add enough water to cover the oats and throw it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, drain off the water and they’re ready to eat like that or add some greek yogurt to them or eat like a cereal with almond milk. I can’t wait to incorporate some those beautiful fruits like you did.

    • I didn’t know raw steel cut oats can be eaten after soaking overnight. I’ve bought a packet once, love the cooked texture. must get it again and try soaking. Thanks Tracy!

  2. This. looks. amazing. Just perfect. I really have no words.
    Abbie @ Needs Salt recently posted..chocolate raspberry chocolate chip buttermilk doughnuts (gluten-free)My Profile

  3. I love all of your different ways with your morning oats – and the images are truly mouth-watering! As an adopted Scots living in Edinburgh these past 25 years, I heartily approve of your love and promotion of oats!
    kellie@foodtoglow recently posted..Soft and Chewy Molasses Crinkle Cookies (grain-free)My Profile

    • Malaysians are used to Quacker Oats, from the British colonisation. I used to hate bland gooey oats when I was growing up. have grown to love them especially Steel Cut Oats (only cooks them on relaxed mornings). but I don’t like the texture of oat groats, which I don’t understand why texture is different from steel cut oats

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