Beriani Gam & Kuzi Ayam at Philips Smart Kitchen Cooking Workshop


What could be more fun than meeting & cooking with bloggers on a Saturday morning? Thanks to Philips Smart Kitchen Blogger Cooking Workshop.

Teammates at Philips Smart Kitchen Blogger Cooking Workshop

My teammates with Puan Marina. From let, Dina of, Puan Marina, my friend Lina and yours truly.

Our cooking teacher for the day was Marina Mustafa, host of Dari Dapur Marina Mustafa on Astro Awani. A fun & great teacher always make the workshop enjoyable & easy to learn. Not only that, Marina shares very useful cooking tips with us.

We tested out 3 Philips Smart Kitchen appliances with Beriani Gam & Kuzi Ayam recipe using the pressure cooker and 2 dessert recipes Kacang hijau dessert (adzuki bean dessert) using Soy Milk Maker  & Coconut Fudge Slice using the Airfryer. I’m sure everyone have heard about the revolutionary airfryer by now, but to use it to bake? It’s new experience for me.

Recipes using Philips Smart Kitchen Appliances

The recipes my team cooked & plated. Left: Beriani Gam with Kuzi Ayam, Coconut Fudge Slice and Adzuki Bean Dessert

My stove top pressure cooker have only been used for chinese soups, so I am particularly impressed with the multi functions of the Philips pressure cooker. Porridge, curry, braised, stew and even baking recipes. I like just throwing in all the ingredients and let it cook by itself (as we tried with the Kuzi Ayam recipe), and it taste just as good! For busy working mom like Puan Marina, the pressure cooker become indispensible to her daily cooking for a household of 7. Unlike the conventional pressure cooker that shrill at the top of it’s ‘lung’ when it’s done, this electrical-operated one has an auto pressure release device and keeps the food warm while you’re busy with other stuff. This is indeed a smart kitchen gadget (and reasonably priced) for busy people who have little time to cook.

Thanks to Philips Malaysia & Social@Ogilvy for a fun & informative cooking workshop. To find out more about Philips Smart Kitchen solutions and how it can help your busy life,
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Beriani Gam & Kuzi Ayam

I love the Beriani Gam & Kuzi Ayam so much that I must share the recipe. Thanks Puan Marina for sharing her mom’s famous recipes. According to Marina, the secret ingredient to a good beriani is the tairu (curdled milk) & saffron rubbed with sugar to release the flavour. Not only that, the method of slicing onion and garlic and the thickness of each slice will effect the final taste of a dish, just like how Marina’s mom used to remind her. Yes madam, I will pay more attention to these details. However green chili is prefered to be torn with the fingers instead of slicing for Kuzi Ayam. Just throw all the ingredients, press 2 buttons and the dish is ready in 20 minutes. I’m still amazed.

Beriani Gam & Kuzi Ayam recipe

Click on the photo to enlarge the recipe



  1. what are the ingredients for rempah beriani? and what is rempah beriani?

    • Rempah Beriani (in malay language) means Beriani spice mix/spice paste. Chef Marina uses her spice mix which she also sells. Each chef/cook have their own beriani spice mix that they like, which usually comprise star anise, clove, cinnamon, cardamon, coriander, fennel, cumin. Beriani spice mix is easily available in supermarket.

  2. The beriani looks yum!! it has rose water.. interesting!
    Swee San recently posted..Taking Klonuts by a Dessert StormMy Profile

    • Yeah but I can’t taste the rose water in the rice. Maybe because it’s already mixed with Kuzi Ayam. Marina said the secret ingredient to the beriani is the tairu (curdled milk) & saffron rubbed with sugar to release the flavour.

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