Back from Hibernation – My Personal Update

April 13, 2015 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 14 Comments

Back from Hibernation - Personal Update |

This is the longest I’ve stayed away from blogging. I owe you, my readers an update of what’s been happening. I’m thankful for those of you who are concern about my silence. I do not usually write about my personal life on this food blog but it’s time I ask for support and share my story. Maybe my story might share some light with others that they are not alone in their journey, whatever it may be. Continue Reading →

Journey Through 2013

December 31, 2013 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 7 Comments

What a year 2013 has been. How do you measure what makes what makes a “good” or “successful” year? Some people measure it if they have completed their New Year resolution. I measure it with growth. Have I grown (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) to the person I was the year before? The word “Growth” is often referred to as a positive change, however more often than not we fail to remember that there’s a lot of struggles to get from point A to Point B. I would like to acknowledge not only my accomplishments, but also address some of the challenges that came along with year 2013..

NTV7 Breakfast Show Appearance

NTV7 Breakfast Show Appearance – Flava Up Your Yogurt

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My Life Lessons with Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

May 31, 2012 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 29 Comments

Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream @JustAsDelish

To me, the greatest birthday gift is another year of life… the gift of being alive and surrounded by wonderful people – family, friends and supporters. I could not have asked for anything more.

34 years of learning, fun, mistakes, and some accidents. Some of these lessons it took me 5 minutes to learn, others… a lifetime.. Here’s some of my life lessons. Continue Reading →

Top Posts for 2011

January 3, 2012 by Shannon Lim-de Rooy | 7 Comments

What an awesome year it has been for me here at Just As Delish. It is amazing to see how we have passed many incredible milestones in just 6 short months. I am greatly thankful to have you along with me on this journey, getting invaluable feedback and support and getting to personally know some of you.

Even though I did cringe as I look at my past ‘bad’ photos, there has been so many brilliant memories in 2011. I just have to bid my ego goodbye and embrace my progressing journey. Here I share with you the most clicked-on posts for 2011 extracted from the analytics. I hope you enjoy reviewing last year’s highlights as much as I have!

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July 3, 2011
by Shannon Lim-de Rooy

The Journey is the Most Fun Part

How much rice do I need for 4 pax? If I don’t have this ingredient, can the dish work? Can I use aluminium sheet instead of baking sheet? My sister was bombarding me with questions about the recipes I posted. … Continue reading

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